Phantom Wallet - Wallet Phantom

There is currently a closed-beta to test compatibility with Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon-based altcoins. Public release is scheduled for some time at the beginning of 2023.
Innovative in design the Fantom wallet is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to both its look, design, and functionality. I first discovered Fantom when searching for a metal wallet with a quick mechanism to access cards. Quick access slots have been a big part of modern-day leather wallets but it quickly becomes harder to implement in a metal wallet. The Fantom solves this with an awesome range of quick access features from metal crafted to provide better access to a button that automatically fans your cards in a clever way.
Fantom first came onto the scene in 2014 when a bunch of Canadian mechanical engineers came together to design a unique product with added value. Their success has mainly been thanks to their four successful Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaigns and have quickly become a major player in the wallet world.

Look & Design

The first distinctive feature of the Fantom wallet is its unique look. Made from an all-metal & Carbon fiber design it’s clear this was made by engineers as everything about it has been meticulously thought out from the positioning of the buttons to the size and dimensions.
Its razor-thin design comes in at just 0.8mm thick and its lightweight size makes it barely noticeable in the pocket.
It comes in a great variety of colors from red, gold, blue silver or simply carbon fiber. You also get the option to add a money clip that is available in a bigger range of colors. It sucks the money clip is optional and isn’t just standard because without this there’s no real way to store your physical banknotes. Some people might get confused by this (as all the pictures show it with the money clip).
Nevertheless, the overall design of the wallet is fantastic and I can’t fault the engineering, design and material quality of the wallet. It’s clear that its design is one of the main selling points of the wallet and I don’t blame people. The wallet looks amazing.
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